Friday, 29 July 2011

28 July 2011 Kahi, Uee & Lizzy Twitter Photos Update

Kahi tweeted - Reading this book while practising in the practice room!!! If this book was published 10 years ago ... I may have debuted earlier....... Haha keke Anyway, reporter Kim Seong Han! Composer Jo Yeong Su!! I will read this Please read it a lot~^^

Uee tweeted - A book that will cause your heart beats fast starts from its cover!!!^^ Thank you for this book present^^ Please give a lot of attention and love to this book!!^^ Reporter Kim Seong Han^^ Composer Jo Yeong Su^^ Hwaiting!!!!!!^^☆

Lizzy tweeted - Composer Jo Yeong Su's and Seong Han Oppa's collaboration work 'Star Audition Success or Failure in 30 Seconds'!!! It's a guide book for audition!!!! Everyone please look forward to the day you're standing on the stage!!!

Lizzy tweeted - Ah right the photo!!

Source: Kahi's, Uee's & Lizzy's Twitter

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