Wednesday, 27 July 2011

26 July 2011 Sharp Tempered and Pretty U-ie Pours out Tears in an Act

U-ie is filming a new drama Ojakgyo Brothers as a character named Baek Ja Eun, who is a daughtor of a rich household, and has a quick temper. However, when Baek Ja Eun comes to face a heartbreaking situation, she starts to sob. In the recent filming of the drama, U-ie put herself in deep concentration as soon as the director called out “Cut!” and began to sob heavily.

That day, she even stopped to smile as usual and reduced talking in preparation for the scene. She remained immersed in sadness, shedding tears, while the crew filmed the scene for about ten minutes at various angles.

A source from the publisher media Green Snake said, “U-ie shows a lot of affection for her character Baek Ja Eun and is always seen memorizing her lines. Baek Ja Eun is a character who has a sharp temperament but carries a pain inside her. Please continue to watch as U-ie does her best to show her different aspects.”Ojakgyo Brothers will begin to air on August 6th.

Source: TV report from Nate + Credit: via AfterSchoolDaze 

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