Saturday, 30 July 2011

30 July 2011 After School Japanese Magazines Upcoming Features

According to their Japanese official website, the girls will appear on the next magazines' issues:

08/06 「POTATO」
08/10 「Gainer」
08/10 「Rolling stone」
08/12 「CUTiE」
08/17 「JELLY」
08/23 「Ray」
08/23 「ViVi」
08/27 「月刊EXILE」
09/01 「Fine」
09/07 「steady.」
09/20 「non-no」

The ones of August should be already out, since in Japan magazines come out a month earlier, unless the date aren't the magazines' issues one but the release dates for the issues (in that case, August's would be September's or even October's issue...)

POTATO is one of the Johnny's magazines that features actresses, some other idol actors and not that much groups appart of Johnny's in it (there are more Johnny's magazine like POTATO), is not their best one, but a start is a start, a lot of girls are going to see that.

And, for the other magazines, Rolling Stone apart, Being featured in ViVi is a great start as well, since is one of the references for Gyaru and others who like to follow trends.

Source: AS Japanese Site

By the way, notice that their official Japanese site, doesn't feature the Bang! Video yet. I'm not sure which channel released it officially, but is not in Pledis youtube channel nor in their website either.

Credit: Dkpopnews 

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