Monday, 25 July 2011

25 July 2011 After School Red Reveals a Scene for "In The Night Sky" MV

After School Red Teases fans with a still photo from their upcoming music video for "In The Night Sky"
In the Photo you can see After School Red's Leader Kahi Riding on a motorcycle. looking fierce as ever the music video is set to be sexy and fierce
and the photo made fans more hyped for the MV.

Netizens Commented "Wow this is Daebak!" "Kahi Unnie is so fierce she can even ride a motorcycle" "Is there anything Kahi Can't do? I can't wait for the MV"

The Music Video is set to be released today (July 25th) but no time is given as to when will it be released so stay tuned.

the girls is busy with it's sub unit Promotions as AS BLUE and AS RED, they recently made debut on Music Core and Inkigayo with "Wonder Boy" and "In The Night Sky"

Credits: Iceprinceafterschool @ as-afterparty via Dkpopnews

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