Thursday, 7 July 2011

7 July 2011 Nana’s Message in the PlayGirlz Cafe

Original Message

안녕하세요 나나입니당^^

오랜만에 이렇게 글을올려요~~

항상 응원해주시는 팬분들덕분에 안무연습이힘들어도.. 스케줄이 힘들어도.. 몸이아파도.. 외로워도..


저에게는 너무나도 특별한존재예요^^ 알고있쪄~~~?♥

말안해도 우리팬분들은 제맘을 알아주실거라 믿습니다! 믿습니까? 믿습니다 오예~ ♥

우리 이제 3일뒤면 만나요~~~왜일까요~~~~~~~~~~~?

딩동댕~♬ 7월 9일 afterschool 팬미팅~~~!!유후유후!신난다우>.<

몇일전에 팬싸인회가 있어서 얼굴을볼수있었지만.. 그래도 또본다니 신난다우

이번에는 말이죠~ 평소에 보지못했던 특별한 애프터스쿨만의 무대도 준비되어있으니깐요!!

기대많이많이해도 좋습니다~~좋습니까?좋습니다!


그날꼭~~만나요우리~♥ 기다리고있을께요 완죤완죤 보고싶습니다♥

아아참참!!!!!!!그리고 곧 좋은무대로도 여러분 만나뵙게될거니깐 ! 그때까지도 기다리고있어주세요~


그럼오늘은이만~~~~~~~~~~~~또봐요우리 ♥ 안          뇽 !

English Translation

Hello I am Nana ^^

Been a long time since I wrote comment here~~

The fans who always give us lots of support, even though the dance practices are tiring.. schedule is tiring.. body is hurting.. and feeling lonely..

We get strength♥

It has such a special significance to me^^ you know it right~~~?♥

I believe that even though I don’t say it, our fans will know my heart! Can I believe that? I believe that oyeah~♥

We are going to meet in 3 days~~~why so~~~~~~~~~~~?

Ding Dong Deng~♬ July 9th is afterschool fanmeeting~~~!!Yoohoo Yoohoo!So excited>.<

Even though I saw some of your faces at the fansign a few days ago..I am excited to see you guys again~

This time~ we prepared special After School stages that you can’t see usually!!

Please anticipate it lots~~happy?Happy!

I believe lots of you will attend~can I believe this?I believe it!!

That day we must~~meet~♥ I am looking forward and I really really miss you guys♥

Ah ah right right!!!!!!!We will be presenting good stages to everyone soon ! Until then, please anticipate it too~

Without distraction^^

So let’s call it a day now~~~~~~~~~~~~we’ll meet soon ♥ Bye        Bye !

Credit: AfterSchoolDaze


Leez Omar said...

poor nana and AS girlz.. they must be extremely exhausted.. "We get strength♥ & our fans will know my heart! Can I believe that? I believe that oyeah~♥".. oh yeahhh.. so sweet.. we love u & AS forever!

Xam37 said...

Preparation for Japan activities are sure hard.. They have to make their showcase a great one.. Hard works will pay off! Ganbate AS!

Leez Omar said...

Yes, definitely. Japan playgirlz/boyz are so damn lucky! I hope pledis will hold a nationwide tour to Asia after Japan..

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