Sunday, 17 July 2011

17 July 2011 AS Blue Reveals UCC + Translation + Gifs


Blue, blue blue blue. Hello, I am Lizzy. Everyone…is shocked right? Today, for everyone, I came out as a surprise. -draws B- Everyone, what is this..? What..? You’re right! Ding dong deng~ it’s a B. Hahaha, everyone, you must remember, B! What did you say? …Why must you remember B? Are you really curious? This is a secret*~ secret~ Ok, I will stop here. Jooyeon unnie, catch~

Joo Yeon

Ah! Ya! Park lizzy! Oh~ Hello I am After School’s Jooyeon. Yes, you know that After School is coming out in both Blue and Red team right? Really really give us lots of anticipation. We are working really hard, please anticipate it. L~ And so, the next member is~? Raina~

Raina ♥

Hello, I am Raina. We After School are coming out with new albums. We are going to have promotions at the same time please anticipate it lots. -draw U- Everyone, I am going to sing a bit. -sings- Ok, that’s all I’ll sing. I’ll pass to Eyoung. Eyoung-ah~


Hello hello. I am After School’s cute maknae Eyoung. Unnie drew really well so I am quite worried but I draw it last so wait for me. -draws E- Jang! Done. B-L-U-E, BLUE! Please give lots of love to After School Blue! Bye!

Trans Credit: energywenkahi via AfterSchoolDaze
Gifs Credit: fyafterschool

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