Thursday, 14 July 2011

14 July 2011 Uee’s Lovely Style Transformation for Ojakgyo Brothers

U-ie’s lovely looks have caught attention while filming the drama ‘Ojakgyo Brothers’.

In the pictures U-ie is shown filming the drama Ojakgyo Brothers at Incheon International Airport. She not only caught the eyes of Korean citizens but also tourists due to her fashionable outfit which showcased her enviable long slender legs.

The character U-ie is playing named ‘Baek Ja Eun’ comes from a wealthy family and will be known for her slender body and exceptional beauty. Though Baek Ja Eun will be a fashionista her clothing will always be comfortable and have a touch of loveliness.

With U-ie starring in this role this feat will be easily accomplished and greatly portrayed due to both her stunning looks and great acting abilities.

The Ojakgyo Brothers drama’s first broadcast is expected to air on August 6th.

Source: Paran + Paran
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