Thursday, 14 July 2011

14 July 2011 Comments about After School by Japanese Fans

A couple of good friends helped me out with the Japanese stuffs I had been translating. I can’t understand anything in Japanese just so you guys know. Was just shown some comments by Japanese regarding A.S’s advancement to Japan.

I bought the Korean version, and now finally the Japanese version too!! Can’t wait to see the Japanese version of Let’s Do It on Japan media! Looking forward to Japanese BANG! performance and any change in arrangements. I have to work on the 17th of July so I can’t watch their showcase. Can’t wait for the CM from AVEX for the Aug 17th’s release. UIE appears on You Are Beautiful! Many people know her because of this.

- Kamui

I have the Korean single. My 4 year old daughter imitates them on drums. I like Korean music. When I hear Because of You last year, I bought all their albums so far.

- Nondakure

A Kahi-bias blog post written in late 2009 (Members were Kahi, Jungah, Jooyeon, Soyoung Uie, Bekah era):

When I saw their debut stage…they are rookies?! I watch K-Pop stars debut stage but their stage is like world class! There was Kahi in the center. She had a brilliant career as a dancer but now she’s a rookie again. She has so much stability and performance sense. The group is like sexy and cool, everyone is so tall. Over 165cm! I think that their emphasis on dance performance set them apart from the other female groups. Their dance shines on stage!

The reason why many people are interested in After School is probably because Kahi is DBSK’s Yoochun’s ex-girlfriend. Or because Kahi was BoA’s back dancer. But there’s more to her. She’s so cool. Her abs!!!!!!!! Even as a woman, I am so jealous of her abs!!!! She’s humble and has so much abilities in her. Although idols now debut much and much younger, she debut at 30. A cool and impressive debut too. Age does not interfere at all I guess.

- Yuna

Credit: energywenkahi via AfterSchoolDaze

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