Wednesday, 20 July 2011

10 July 2011 Sexy & Intense Vs. Fresh & Youthful

AfterSchool’s two sub-units AS Red and AS Blue are engaged in a friendly group competition.

After School’s sub-unit concepts aren’t new but are uniquely different from each other. AS Red will promote “In the Night Sky” which contains a playful and intensively additive medley as AS Blue promotes a youthful and fresh sound with “Wonder Boy”. Listening to AS Blue’s song will make you feel refreshed and will probably remind some listeners of Orange Caramel’s hits “Magic Girl” and “A~ing”.

Today after AS Blue’s music video was released along with more concept pictures from both sub-units the competition between them is heating up. At first fans of After School were apprehensive about the sub-units competing. But, after both sub-unit’s songs were revealed to the public today the split group idea has gained popularity.

Now that AS Blue’s MV for “Wonder Boy” is out fans are anticipating AS Red’s MV for “In the Night Sky”. Unfortunately fans will have to wait a few more days since the MV isn’t scheduled to be released until July 25th. (Though there are rumors it will be released today due to AS Blue’s mv Leaking it may be pushed up via NanaASfacts)

The official promotional activities for AS Red and AS Blue will begin this week with stops at the following music shows: Mucore (7/23), Inkigayo (7/23).

Source: Chosun flick: minikipop
Credit: AfterSchoolDaze


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