Monday, 8 August 2011

8 August 2011 Uee’s Younger ‘Birdie Buddy’ Doppleganger

U-ie and her young doppelganger have caught attention online.

The little girl above named Jinjihui will be playing U-ie’s younger self in the ‘Birdie Buddy’ drama. Netizens feel Jinjihui looks like U-ie from her “round eyes to her chubby cheeks and white skin“. They feel both of the actresses look alike in “every way…a similar eye-catching atmosphere“. This is largely due to their almost identical “half-moon eyes, and charming smiles“. U-ie is well known for her great beauty and netizens are now enamored with her younger look a-like.

This drama will center around the theme of passion and success in striving to become a great golf player. Anticipation for this drama has steadily increased over the past few months. U-ie has even been given the nickname “Golf empress” after mastering the sport.

The 24-part drama ‘Birdie Buddy’ will air for the first time tomorrow August 8th in tvN.

Source: Paran + TVDaily 
Credit + Trans: AfterSchoolDaze

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