Wednesday, 3 August 2011

3 August 2011 Uee & Lizzy Twitter Photos Update


Uee tweeted - Our Ojakgyo Brothers's shooting scene, the plantation area has such a beautiful cafe~~!!^^ hehe Released on the 6th of August!!^^ Doogoon Doogoon*^^* Please show Ojakgyo Brothers a lot of love!^^ Hwaiting!♥

Uee tweeted - HingㅜㅜIt rains again when we are shooting for Ojakgyo Brothersㅜㅜ hehe I will show you guys a lot during our shooting!!^^ A broadcasted promise!?!!^^☆


Duck shabu together with Joo Yeon Unnie.....^____^ Delicious kekeke kyokyokyokyokyokyo

Source: Uee's & Lizzy's Twitter

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