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3 August 2011 Pledis Entertainment on After School’s graduation system and ‘After School Boys’

As one of the more successful entertainment companies in Korea, Pledis Entertainment has given birth to the likes of After School and Son Dambi. The general manager of Pledis, Han Sung Su, recently spoke out about their strategum for one of K-Pop’s most popular girl groups.

After School’s unique ‘graduation’ concept is what makes them special, Han said. “It seemed like too much of a waste for the talents of the individual if a group disappears just because one person leaves. That is why we created this group.

Han said each member of After School had their own specialty. The leader, Kahi, was known even before her debut for her energetic and fiery dancing, and E-Young, the most recent member to join After School’s ranks, has enormous musical talent as well as singing prowess.

There are some views that say that the image of the girl group, in itself, is not viable in the long run,” Han said. “That’s why we are using individuality and diversity as a weapon.

One of the ways Pledis is utilizing their strength is by dividing up the group into two sub-units, both with their own unique concepts of sexy and sweet, respectively.

Speaking on the upcoming debut of After School Boys, Han said that the group will not employ a graduation and entrance system, but will spotlight the talents of the individual. “It’s getting harder to secure a place for male idol groups in Korea,” said Han. “But with After School Boys, we will put up a fight using our diversity.

And what about After School’s debut in Japan? “After School is gaining a good response in Japan. They are becoming more competitive, not only domestically, but internationally as well. Please look forward to our new attempts in the future.

Source: E Today 
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