Thursday, 18 August 2011

18 August 2011 Kahi, Joo Yeon, Uee and Nana for Jelly Magazine (Interview + Translation)

Q: Your 1st magazine shoot in Japan is today’s Jelly. What did you think?

Juyeon: Jelly is sold in Korea too, and I was so happy that our 1st shoot was one of my favorites, Jelly!
U-ie: The poses for shoots in Korea are usually predetermined, so it was really fun to have some freedom.
Kahi: We have a lot of magazine shoots in Korea too, but there were lots of clothes and styles that I’ve never tried before, so it was really fun. I hope we’re able to do more of these kinds of shoots in the future.

Q: What is your usual fashion?

Nana: I wear mostly simple stuff with clean lines, but I love fashion, so I’m enjoying all sorts of genres.
Kahi: Nana was a model.
Nana: I can look good in anything (lol)!
Juyeon: I wear a lot of simple stuff too, but try to have my bag, shoes, or hat be the fashion point. I also like to mix and match colors!

Q: We had you guys wear clothes from Topshop this time. Do you guys shop at Topshop?

U-ie: When we were in Japan before, the store was closed, so we couldn’t go. I’d definitely like to go this time.

Q: You guys are finally debuting in Japan on 8/17. Tell us about your enthusiasm for future activities!

Juyeon: We were wanting to debut in Japan a little earlier. Now that it’s actually happening, I’m not taking anything for granted.
Nana: We’re going to do fun things all the time, and work hard no matter what to avoid disappointing our fans.
Kahi: I want to show everyone what women can do and also lots of enjoyable performances. And we’ll work hard so we’ll be able to perform at increasingly larger venues!
U-ie: I feel really honored to be able to debut in Japan with the same song we released in Korea. I’d like to show even more powered up performances than the ones in Korea!

Q: Alright, give us a comment about the Japanese debut song, “Bang!”

Juyeon: The dance for the “aha aha aha” part in the chorus is easy to do, so we’d like everyone to do it together with us!
Kahi: You can do it while sitting too. Do it sexily when you’re standing, and cute when you’re sitting.

Translation: pledisAStrans 
Cropped pics: jano1011
Credit: AfterSchoolDaze

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