Tuesday, 16 August 2011

16 August 2011 Uee Tees off in Togs

Uee is stunning netizens while wearing golf togs.

Uee appears on tvN’s drama Birdie Buddy and shows off her fashionable golf togs in the drama. Only three items are needed in her wardrobe: a skirt, T-shirt, and cap. Most of her clothes have bright colors, which makes Uee look young and fresh.

Uee sexy legs and glamorous figure were enhanced, thanks to her short bottoms and tight shirts.

Uee is playing the role of a golf player in Birdie Buddy. On the 15th, Uee will play golf in the drama. She will compet with only her iron club which she uses when she practices her swing.

Birdie Buddy is based on Lee Hyun Se’s comic book with the same title. It describes golf players’ passion and love.

Source: Dispatch from Nate
Trans Credit: en.korea via AfterSchoolDaze


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