Wednesday, 10 August 2011

10 August 2011 Bekah to collaborate with Ryan Higa?

It seems as if Ryan Higa has been looking forward to collaborating with many different artists, as he recently tweeted original After School member Bekah, sending her a simple“lez make video“.

Bekah responded, “letz! Haha~~~“.

While it has been revealed that she will help design After School’s future albums as she pursues a career in design, no major news on Bekah has been revealed other than her return to her home in Hawaii.
Credit: Koreaboo


Days ago I decided to send a tweet to Ryan, since I knew he was on Hawaii. I just send it like “He’ll never see it, i don’t care”

But, for my FUCKIN’ surprise he replied back. And started following Bekah at the same time.


AND THEN Bekah followed him back, but there was no reply back. And then I was like: Well seems like he was just trollin’. Maybe she knows his videos.

Yesterday I send a tweet to Bekah, asking if she really knows him, or if he was just trolling me. (Again I wasn’t expecting a reply or anything.)

IDK if he read my tweet or something. And today…

SO YEAH. I still don’t know if those two are just kiddin’ or something else. Also I don’t know if they really met each other like Ryan said. But I REALLY WANT IT TO BE TRUE. Like a fangirl, I would LOVE see those two together in a video. So I just can wait and see if something will happens or not.

Credit: fyafterschool

For your information, Ryan Higa is a YouTube star with the most subscribers to his channel~ His videos are funny~ Check out Ryan's channel - nigahiga~ Maybe he is really going to collaborate with Bekah? Can't wait fot it~


kimmieaoi said...

omg bekah friend with ryan?!! damn it will be great if both of them collab in ryan video :)
i bet AS would be famous then cause ryan got millions views around the world , it'll promote AS! come on Bekah and Ryan make a vid!! :D

Xam37 said...

hehe.. U're Ryan's fan too? We all are looking forward to the video~ Hopefully it's real~

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