Monday, 1 August 2011

1 August 2011 After School Red's & After School Blue’s OBS Entertainment News Interview

The members are suppose to choose the member who fits the question the most.

QN: The member who is most different before and after makeup?

Nana: Even though I am different, it’s not weird! When I remove my makeup, I look like a baby, innocent and cute. (Look at Uee’s expression LOL) When I have my makeup on…-

Kahi: No, no.


QN: Member who changes the most in front of guys?

Uee: Me?

Jooyeon: Uee in front of guys, her voice will be really cute and have lots of aegyo. She herself doesn’t realize it. Maybe that’s how she really is?!


QN: Member with most aegyo?

Credit: trans: misskahidotcom + gifs: imnana91 via AfterSchoolDaze

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