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9 July 2011 After School Second Fanmeeting Photos & Some Tidbids

--10 July 2011 Update--
--10 June 2011 Second Update-- 
--10 June 2011 Third Update (Photos Only)--
--11 June 2011 Update--


Playing game~

Jung Ah's solo stage~

9 of them T.T

Poster for After School 2nd Fan Meeting “Let’s Play! Play Girlz”

--10 July 2011 Update--

--10 June 2011 Second Update-- 

--10 June 2011 Third Update--  

1,000 Playgirlz & Playboyz attended After School’s 2nd fan meeting — pictured waving candle lightsticks to “Someone is You”

U-ie performing “Sok Sok Sok” at After School’s 2nd fan meeting~

After School performing “Shampoo” with Bekah for the very last time at their 2nd fan meeting~

--11 June 2011 Update-- 

Some facts

- Yoonjo & After School Boys were at the fanmeeting.
- There was no mention of the finalized sub-unit members.

- Bekah did not perform her solo song but it was used as background music and appeared towards the end of the fanmeeting. Bekah talked about her future and joined After School in performing “Shampoo”, “AH” and “Diva”.
- Pledisboss revealed he tried to produce a solo album for Raina but it was cancelled. 
- Jonghyun Rapped for U-ie in her performance for “SokSokSok”.
- Bekah came out to hug Kahi after Kahi’s solo stage and Kahi was crying beside Bekah.

 --10 July 2011 Update--

- Kahi was the first person who left the fan meet. When it was finished, Kahi went to her own car. Playgirlz are saying that she was trying to escape from fans. Fans were calling out to Pledisboss but he quickly went away went up-stairs to escape since fans wanted to see him. 

 --10 June 2011 Second Update-- 

- At the end of Kahi singing ‘gift’ at the fanmeet and suddenly people started screaming – - this is the part when Bekah came out. Afterwards Kahi goes all quiet – - that’s the part when she started to cry and at the very end of the song she humbles and fans start telling her not to cry.

- Afterschoolboys left in the middle of the fanmeet.

- KPlaygirlz are saying that Yoonjo and Ara are really mean. One playgirl was with Ara and Yoonjo in the elevator and Yoonjo gave that playgirlz bad looks. A lot of KPlaygirlz are writing that the way they looked at Klaygirlz was really mean. 

--11 June 2011 Update-- 

- The fan meet was held at Sookmyung Women’s University Theater.

- Jung Ah cried during “My Bell”. Her mother came to the fan meet (her younger sister could not attend)

- Lizzy’s parents and her cousin’s family attended.

- All of the Pledis trainees were in attendance.

- Bekah’s family and a few of her family members were there. As a gift to PlayGirlz/Boyz all of the fans received a mouse pad designed by Bekah.

- Bekah’s solo song is called “Take me to the Place” – - She didn’t get to perform it at the fanmeet.

Credit: AfterSchoolChina & fyafterschool & AfterSchoolDaze


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