Wednesday, 6 July 2011

6 July 2011 Ask After School Questions for Their Japanese Showcase

After School will hold their Japanese Premium Parties on July and August 17th respectively. Before these events occur the group wants PlayGirlz/Boyz to send in in questions! You can chose an individual member or you can chose to send a question to the whole group.

Though these events will be conducted in Japan, international fans are also able to send in questions. Who knows – - your question may be chosen

Visit the site by clicking here and type in any question you have ever wanted answered. In the first box enter your name or nickname. In the second box chose whether you want to ask a specific member a question or the whole group. In the third and last box you can input your question.

Send in all questions by July 12th.
Sources: NanaPlayz + kinwah56
Credit: AfterSchoolDaze

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