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6 July 2011 After School’s Lizzy on acting, accents, and future plans

 After School’s resident cutie-pie, Lizzy was recently interviewed by Star News. The Busan girl and variety star had quite a lot to say about her career so far.

On her trademark Busan accent (or satoori), Lizzy revealed that she was actually quite fluent in normal Seoul-speak. However she revealed, “But when I go out on broadcasts, I’m too nervous to pay attention to my speech. So it naturally became my character.

However, she doesn’t plan on staying a ‘Busan girl’ for too long stating, “I can’t stick with it forever. There are other things I’d like to do.”

One of her future goals include being an MC of some sort. “I want to be someone like Yoo Jae Suk oppa or Kang Ho Dong oppa. My dream is to be a female talk show host like Oprah Winfrey. Before, I wanted to be a music program MC, but I’ve recently gotten into variety MCing. I have the MCs to thank every time I couldn’t say something properly on a program. In the future, I’d also like to be an MC who makes the guests feel at ease and understand them along with making everyone laugh together.

However, Lizzy didn’t always want this path – originally, she had wanted to be a broadcast journalist, and even took journalism classes in school.

But when she followed her friend to a ‘Superstar K‘ audition in her second year of high school, she was spotted by an entertainment representative and ended up joining Pledis Entertainment.

Lizzy doesn’t regret changing her path. “Everything’s so fun now,” she gushed. “Both of my promotions with After School and Orange Caramel are fun because they’re so different, and going to film ‘All My Love‘ is like going on a picnic. Since the sitcom has a wide range of viewers, people recognize me when I go to the supermarket and sometimes give me things to eat.

The 18-year-old is putting extra effort into her acting. Although she started out with a short cameo role as Doojoon’s pen pal, the strong response to her performance eventually landed her in a permanent role in MBC’s ‘All My Love’.

In the long-running sitcom, Lizzy plays a cute, feisty Busan girl named ‘Soon Duk’ who is head-over-heels in love with Doojoon’s character. Sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic, Lizzy tries to put all her effort into every scene.

She described the famous ’spoon kiss’ scene as an especially thrilling moment stating, “It was my first love scene. But I think Doojoon oppa was more nervous than I was. After the shoot, both of us were fine. There wasn’t anything like shyness or awkwardness.

The scene in which Lizzy donned a bikini in order to seduce Doojoon’s character was also a high talked about moment from the sitcom. “I’m actually a bagel girl,” Lizzy joked. “Not many people know about it, though.

She also revealed her ways to stay fit, and claims that there isn’t a sport she hadn’t tried when she was young. Her impressive resume includes badminton, basketball, swimming, taekwondo, and many more.

Recently, the sitcom has been foreshadowing a love line between Soon Duk and ‘Ok Yeob’, a character played by 2AM’s Jo Kwon. Lizzy described Ok Yeob’s character as close to her ideal man, and said she gets along very well with Jo Kwon in real life, and even got chased out of a restaurant for talking and laughing too loudly.

Our personalities match very well,” she said. “I think the relationship between us in the sitcom is going to be good, too. If Soon Duk and Ok Yeob do really become a couple, it would be crazy but funny as well.

Although Lizzy’s character in ‘All My Love’ is reminiscent of her real-life personality, she would also like to play the role of an antagonist in a movie or a drama, and is currently reading through several scripts in an effort to fix her accent.

There’s a limit to how far you can get with your accent,” she commented. “I want to show many different sides of myself.

Source: Star News via Nate
Credit: Allkpop 

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