Tuesday, 5 July 2011

5 July 2011 Bekah Tweets – Netizens Sigh in Relief

After Bekah updated her twitter today many netizens took interest due to few sightings of her since the ‘graduation’ announcement.

In the photo above Bekah is seen in the black and white photo with sunglasses on and protruding lips. The tweet accompanying the photo: “I’m just surviving~ so would hold me please, I’m trying hard to breathe~” caused a mysterious atmoshphere and intrigued netizens.

Many netizens left comments in online communities expressing their newfound interest in Bekah and some even requested more pictures. Netizens left comments like, “I look forward to your daily news in pictures, show us pics“, “Be Healthy…enjoy your life“ and “I’m glad” expressing their fondness and well wishes for Bekah.
*Quotes are not exact – Source: jkn
Credit: ASD

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