Sunday, 3 July 2011

3 July 2011 Pledisnews Twitter Photos Update

플레디스 공식 트위터
많은 비에도 불구하고 사인회에 와주신 팬 여러분들 너무 감사드립니다^^사인회가 끝난후 커피츄에서 츄러스와 음료 먹는 멤버들이 궁금하실것같아!^^살짝 공개해드립니다^^* 

Because there was a heavy rain, really thankful for all the fans who still attended the fansigning^^ Looks like you all were curious about what did the members eat and drink in Coffechu!^^ Reveal some clues^^*

Credit: afterschoolchina

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Leez Omar said...

gorgeous girls! nana & kahi.. lol...

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