Wednesday, 20 July 2011

20 July 2011 Raina’s Long Blonde Hair Gets Her ‘Goddess Beauty’ Certification

Raina updated her twitter today with the caption “Blue blue. Jacket shooting!”accompanying new pictures that showed off her beauty. Raina’s small feminine face combined with her cute charm gives her a certifiable ‘doll-like’ appearance.

After the pictures were uploaded to online community boards netizens who were used to her short brown hair took notice of the long blonde wavey hair. In one picture Raina is seen making a ‘V’ sign with her fingers while the other picture shows her with pursed lips to make a cute expression .

Netizens left many comments including, “so cute“, “chubby cheeks“, “Too Beautiful, The Blue Activity Action!”, “Blonde is really very Becoming,“ and “blonde goddess beauty“

Sources: Paran + Nate + tvdaily Gif: missinternet
Credit: AfterSchoolDaze 


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