Monday, 18 July 2011

17 July 2011 After School @ Japanese Showcase Photos + Some Facts

--18 July 2011 Update--

*Updates are at bottom* 

Let's do it & Bang!

Photos with lucky J-Playgirlz~

According to a Japanese fan who went to the showcase, Kahi’s Japanese is really good. So good that she didn’t need to go through the translator to understand what was said.Another fan who went for the showcase said: After School performance is so awesome. The drums, their marching, their dance is so perfect. Even their long limbs are perfect. Kahi was so touched that she cried at the After School Japan showcase.

--18 July 2011 Update--

Credit: kahi-babe + Ameblo + energywenkahi + fyafterschool via AfterSchoolDaze

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