Monday, 18 July 2011

17 July 2011 After School - Bang! Japanese Version Lyrics + Romanization + Translation

T.R.Y. Do it now! Can you follow me? Yes!! Uh-ha!!
T.R.Y. Pick it up! You’ll never catch me! Oh No!!

ひと目で落とすと決めたわ Oh oh oh
With just a look I get you fallen for me! Oh oh oh!
めちゃめちゃ全部が気になる Ha ha ha
You start thinking about it all! Ha ha ha!
ゴシップ好きにはバレたら No no no
If you like gossips, you’ll find it out! No no no!
甘くて冷たいギャップが Bang bang bang
This sweet, cold gap, bang bang bang!

Here we go oh After School up 恋していいじゃん
Here we go, oh After School up! Aren’t you loving it?
Check it out 急上昇 a-ha a-ha a-ha
Check it out, rise it up! A-ha a-ha a-ha!
Right now oh After School up 感じるわ
Right now, oh After School up, I’m feeling it
1面トップスキャンダル a-ha a-ha a-ha
A first page top scandal! A-ha a-ha a-ha!

ときめく温度が熱くて Oh oh oh
My fluttering temperature is becoming higher! Oh oh oh!
かなりヤバいかも?はじけちゃえ Ha ha ha
It is becoming quite dangerous, right? Pop it up! Ha ha ha!
待ってるだけならダメだよ No no no
If you just keep on waiting, it’ll be useless, no no no!
私のペースに巻き込み Dong dong dong
Catch up my pace, dong dong dong!

Bringin’ it to you daily, it’s only from the best
After School Playgirlz know how to get fresh
So cool, so right, just so tasty
We bring it fast forward and the fellows go crazy

心のまま 楽しめばいいの (To be raised for my life)
You have to keep fun in mind (To be raised for my life)
ためらわずに抱いて 分かるから (To be raised for my life)
You have to embrace it without hesitation (To be raised for my life)
もう戻れない 身体が覚えて (To be raised for my life)
Without looking back, you have to feel your body (To be raised for my life)
愛のリズムが聞こえて Catch up
Listen to the love rhytm, catch up

A-ha! A-ha! A-ha! T.R.Y. Do it now!!
A-ha! A-ha! A-ha!
Can you follow me? Yes!! Uh-ha!!

Credit: spicecandy + lyricstrans via fyafterschool


yuyie said...

gosh . i love after school . thanxx for the lyrics .

Xam37 said...

That's great =) Spread your love towards them to more people~

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