Friday, 15 July 2011

15 July 2011 Lizzy & Joo Yeon Twitter Photos Update

Pretty Blue Blue Girls~

Source: Lizzy's & Joo Yeon's Twitter


Leez Omar said...

jooyeon.. *faint*.. lol..

Xam37 said...

Hey... Wake up!

Leez Omar said...

hahahaha.. i just don't understand why people out there underrated her talent.. i mean, we know that her vocal is just average.. but, hey.. at least she can sing.. even though she was given the opportunity to lead blue team, we as AS fans should give her a chance for her to prove that she can be a leader..

Xam37 said...

Surely it's the time now for her to receive much more loves~ I'm sure there's a lot of fans out there feel the same like u~ the time will come don't worry~ I'll keep on supporting her too!

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