Friday, 15 July 2011

14 July 2011 A Sneak Peek at After School Boys

Earlier today pictures revealing members of the upcoming group After School Boys were uploaded to online communities. These pictures gained a lot of interest from netizens since there is only a small amount of information available about the group.

In the pictures we can see five boys in Pledis’ practice room posing cutely with their manager/trainer. Pledis has stated they are thinking of debuting with a “5-6 Member Group” and then the After School Boys will follow After School’s ‘Admission/Graduation’ system and ‘enroll’ more members.

The already known members of the group Jonghyun who previously rapped for U-ie’s solo song “SokSokSok” and Dongho who was feaured in After School’s Music Video for “Play Ur Love” can be seen along with three fresh new faces.

The Group is Set To Debut at the end of the year

Source: Elite Rebels
Edited blurb & Credit: ASD

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