Wednesday, 13 July 2011

13 July 2011 Netizens Don’t Recognize Nana or Lizzy?

Nana and Lizzy’s appearance change when makeup free has caught the attention of netizens.

Today in an online community board the pictures above were uploaded with the caption “Nana, Lizzy…who?“. In each picture both Nana and Lizzy show off charming bright smiles displaying their confidence while wearing makeup and even when their faces are bare.

But, some netizens felt both ladies looked a bit different when they had on smoky eye makeup. Many jokingly stated they didn’t recognize them at all! Netizens left comments like, “I almost did not recognize Nana”, “Nana and Lizzy…same look…a little different?” and “Who are you really?”. A few netizens even expressed their envy towards Nana’s ability to make her eyes look bigger by saying things like, “Did Nana have a makeover?“ and “Which brand of mascara do you use, please share“. Even when they aren’t wearing makeup Nana and Lizzy’s natural beauty still catch eyes with great appeal.

After School is currently prepping their official Japanese debut, the anticipated AS Red + AS Blue sub unit debut along with a promising performance on the Korean version of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ on July 22nd.
Trans: diademplaygirlz + ASD
Credit: AfterSchoolDaze

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