Tuesday, 12 July 2011

12 July 2011 [Spoiler: All My Love] Lizzy and Jo Kwon crank up the romance with another…

Following the sweet basement kiss the two of them shared on MBC’s ‘All My Love‘ a few nights ago, After School’s Lizzy and 2AM’s Jokwon are cranking up the romance with yet another kiss in the latest episode of the popular sitcom on July 12th.

Lizzy, playing the character of ‘Soon Duk’, and Jo Kwon, playing the character of ‘Okyeob’, became awkward around each other after their first kiss, which led them to misunderstand that they had forgotten about each other. The misunderstanding culminated in a shouting match, which built up into an unexpected kiss between the two characters.

Looks like this will be the start of an exciting love line!

Source: TVReport 
Credit: Allkpop 


Anonymous said...

why this story too much kissing....huh...lucky jo kwon

Xam37 said...

yea~ A happy funny drama~ Lucky Jo Kwon, but too bad for Lizzy's fans =S

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