Monday, 11 July 2011

13 June 2011 Ideal Type War

Just a little game to play, the Ideal Type War~
Check out the poll on the right bar,
Cast a vote for your favorite member among the 3,
And let's see who's the most popular among us~
Girlz could join too~
But please be honest to yourself and to your favorite member, don't cast multiple votes for her~(I'm not sure if you can do so)
Each poll will last for a week,every week 3 members will be available for votes~
So the 4th week will be the "Final"~

1st Round Result

The first round of "Ideal Type War" has came to an end~ And our beloved Jung Ah won this round with 39% of votes ahead of Kahi(26%) and Joo Yeon(35%)~ Congratulations~ No hard feelings for Kahi's and Joo Yeon's fans~ Now we proceed to second round, until 27 June 2011~ Cast your vote now!

2nd Round Result

The second round of "Ideal Type War" has came to an end~ This time, Lizzy grabbed the win against E-Young (22%) and Bekah (19%) with 59% of votes~ Congratulations~ Seems like most of us here prefer cutie Lizzy among the 3~ Start of the third round! Raina vs Nana vs Uee! Pick your favorite now! Quite difficult I guess~

3rd Round Result

Now the third round has also ended~ Nana, who has been dominating from the start, has not failed to grab the most liked Ideal Type~ Congratulations~ This is a quite intense one, with Nana leads by 46% of votes against Raina (31%) and Uee (23%). I guess the result doesn't surprise anyone right~? Now we proceed to the final! Jung Ah vs Lizzy vs Nana!

Final Result

The finals are always the most interesting one~ Congratulations Nana~ *Applause* Her gorgeous figure and sweet voice conquer most of the Playgirlz/boyz hearts~ It was a close one~ Nana received 35% of votes, just only edged past Jung Ah and Lizzy (Both 32% of votes)~ So there are two 1st runner-ups! Anyway, just a game, hope you all have fun~ Just love 'em all!

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