Tuesday, 4 October 2011

4 October 2011 Updates About Japanese Version of ‘Diva’

According to updates from After School’s Japanese twitter account: AFTERSCHOOL_J_S there will be a few changes for the Japanese version of ‘Diva‘.

Fans were already given a hint about the new concept when we learned After School would be incorporating a tap routine into the song. Now we learn there will be new song arrangement and the group will be undergoing a change from their sexy debut image in Japan as their outfits will be cuter to match the new concept.

It is said that the singing parts in the Japanese version have been equally divided for each member and the end result will be something new from After School. It’s become a new After School to the point where you would think it’s a new song, including the visual images. The tapdance has been renewed too. You’ll be able to get your fill of the performance group After School’s coolness.

Both the album jacket and music video were shot last week over a course of three days along with Orange Caramel’s upcoming music video. The Japanese version of ‘Diva‘ will be released on November 23rd. The B-side track is a new Japanese original song titled “Ready to Love”.
Info: keitadj + _ahyoo + pledisAStrans via AfterSchoolDaze

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