Wednesday, 26 October 2011

26 October 2011 *Updated Project Info: B e k a h 베카 – Take Me to the Place. ♥

Hello B*lievers!

Here’s a little changes for our first project, a little support for our beloved Bekah, we will be creating a Around the World B*liever video to show her that they have fans literally everywhere supporting her and loving her even she’s not in After School anymore. The goal of the video is to showcase the diversity of environments/places that B*lievers are from but at the same time unite everything under a common theme. To get a better idea of what we are looking to put together, watch these two videos:

Bon Jovi’s “Have A Great Day” MV
DC Inside Taeyeon Birthday Video

Our video will be a compilation of both pictures and videos. Pictures must include lines like ‘We Support Bekah’ & ‘We Love Bekah’ (only this two lines will be used). Please note that the focus of the picture/video should be on the theme and background, not on you. We won’t put in Computer Edited Pictures, we wan real pictures or videos taken by you. In order to create a more professional video, it is important that there is that commonality throughout the entire video.

DEADLINE: November 26th, 2011

  • Picture
a. Minimum size: 640×480 72dpi
  • Video
a. Quicktime format (*.mov)
b. Minimum size: 640×480
c. Maximum time: 30 secs, but the shorter the better
d. No sound will be used so if you have the knowledge, please remove it. We will be using a background song, so having sound will only increase the size of your video file.

1. For each submission, please create a post with the following information
a. Username/Real Name (it’s up to you)
b. Location (please include place/city/state/region/country). If the location is a significant landmark, please also include the name.
c. Send it via e-mail (bekahfied @

2. Multiple submissions of the same person is not advisable. Just submit us one video or photo but you may submit multiple picture/video in one, but please list the location for each.

3. Explore your city. Although we do need pictures of your natural surroundings (i.e. mountains, beaches, etc.), we also want to capture the uniqueness of everyone’s locale. If there are significant landmarks or someplace particularly one-of-a-kind, we want those pictures/videos.
4. Be creative. Not only do we want a diverse background, I challenge you to come up with creative ways to show the theme. Yeah, it’s easy to print it off and hold it up, but is that the best you can do? Check below for some ideas, just to get your mind workin..

A. Do a hobby (dancing, acting, diving under the sea, eating? lol) while holding the sign

B. Landmarks or Cultural Events(take a picture while holding the fansign)

C. Carving it on a tree, Mowed into a Lawn, written on Sand

D. Imitate Bekah (i have no aegyo~ lol) while holding the sign

E. Draw her portrait or something like her design while showing the sign

So, that’s it. get creative as B*~ i’m sure she will see this since she is so hightech with technology and stuff.. ^^ I’m waiting for your submissions!

DEADLINE: November 26th, 2011 

full credits & inspired by Soshified

P.S. Hope she doesn’t now this
Credit: via AfterSchoolDaze

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