Wednesday, 26 October 2011

26 October 2011 Taecyeon Reveals 2PM’s PlayBoy Antics for Orange Caramel

It seems the members of 2PM were got very excited while watching Orange Caramel’s latest performance of “Shanghai Romance“.

You can see another translation of the tweet here where Taecyeon calls Orange Caramel’s performance “Innovative”.

Has 2PM voiced their opinions on their favorite girl group yet? ::Shipping:: ^^

Taecyeon’s twitter update is sweet and makes sense since the members of 2pm have made a habit of showing their affection for the members of Orange Caramel by dressing up and performing as them:

Credit: ItsAfter2PM via AfterSchoolDaze

Dressing up and performing like 2PM has already been reciprocated by members of After School when both Kahi and U-ie danced to 2PM’s popular song ‘Heartbeat’. Kahi was even lucky enough to dance to ‘Heartbeat’ with both Changsun and Taecyeon.

Fans of the two groups remember when After School first debuted and they starred in an episode of ‘Idol Army‘ with 2PM. It was apparent from the groups interaction on the show that they were friendly and comfortable together from the joyous vibe.

Credit: ItsAfter2PM via AfterSchoolDaze

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