Sunday, 30 October 2011

30 October 2011 Some Changes Made

In order to breath some new life here in this blog, I've made some changes to it.

Some major changes are:

1.Title (From After School Malaysia Fansite to After School MY, address remain the same)
2. Template (As you can see)
3. Colour scheme (From dark to a lighter)
4. Chat box service
5. Links colour (From blue to orange)
6. Number of posts per page (From 7 to 6, to increase improve load speed)
7. There'll be more! (Since it's too late now, I should be getting some sleep)

State your opinion about it (feedbacks)~ Good ones and bad ones are much appreciated! Please share the site more too if you love it =)
 P/S: Some problem occurred with the share buttons service, let's wait and see how it'll do for a while more.

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