Wednesday, 26 October 2011

26 October 2011 Uee Yearns for a Bowl of Bibimbap During Her Drama Shoot

While shooting for the KBS drama ‘Ojakgyo Brothers‘, UEE uploaded a picture through her me2day to show fans of her whereabouts.

On October 25th, UEE posted through her me2day, “Dolsot bibimbap (stone bowl mixed rice) is perfect on a day like this~!!^^ I passed by this during a shooting, my dolsot bibimbap!! ke~~~ㅜㅜ hehehe”

In the picture is a huge poster advertisement for dolsot bibimbap. UEE is seen yearning for a bowl, as she is clearly expressing this with her hand reached out as if she is trying to grab a bowl. Comments flooded in as fans agreed that a bowl of dolsot bibimbap would be great.

They stated, “Ahh keke I suddenly want some dolsot bibimbap, too^^ Your dolsot advertisement has quite the effect^^”, “After reading your message, I am now eating dolsot bibimbap”, and “That looks delicious~mmm~! Anyways, ‘Ojakgyo Brothers’ is so entertaining~~ Especially because of your acting~~!”

Source: UEE’s me2day
Shared by + Article/Credit: TailedFox@As-afterparty 
Via: Dkpopnews

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