Sunday, 23 October 2011

23 October 2011 Uee participates in a campaign to help global kids

Uee is attracting people’s attention by participating in the Awoo Dolls Festival.

Awoo Dolls Festival began from the 17th in 2011 Fall Seoul Fashion Week, and the whole festival consists of two main events, “the Awoo Dolls special exhibition,” in which about 30 famous designers such as Park Yoon Soo, Lee Sang Bong, and Jung Goo Ho participated exhibiting their own unique doll costumes, and “the Awoo Dolls fashion auction show,” in which people can buy the designers’ doll costumes.

Especially Uee, participating in the Awoo Dolls Festival, showed off Awoo dolls that she personally made through Cosmopolitan magazine photos, and also donated them to UNICEF with the designer Park Yoon Soo’s, delivering a message of protecting the global kids.

Uee said, “I’m so glad that I can participate in this kind of meaningful event. I was surprised that I could help the global kids with a small doll made of a simple cloth, and I wish many people participate in as well. I wish I can participate in this type of meaningful projects more in the future.”

The Awoo Dolls Festival is a project where people can meet diverse kinds of global culture and learn about sharing and volunteering. Through the fund raised by Awoo Dolls adoption, this project helps protect the global kids in poor countries from the six diseases (measles, polio, whooping cough, TB, tetanus, diphtheria) and malaria.

Source: TV Report Credit: + flicks: Naver via: AfterSchoolDaze

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