Saturday, 22 October 2011

22 October 2011 Orange Caramel’s Hand-Written Interview with Soompi & Special Autographs

Soompi sent After School’s sub-unit group interview questions and they gave their handwritten answers!

1. Please Explain the Concept of “Shanghai Romance.”

Raina: For the “Shanghai Romance” concept, we decided to wear clothes that made one think of “China” and also put on the same makeup and hairstyles to look like triplets.

2. Is the Song “Shanghai Romance” Aimed at the Chinese Market? Or was it aimed at other countries?
Lizzy: Although the subject is Shanghai, we would like to spread the song throughout the world. We aren’t only focused on promoting in China. We just hope that Shanghai individuals will like our song.

3. The “Kung Fu Dances” Are Gaining a Lot of Attention, Where Did the Idea Come From? Why Did You Choose the Clothes That Look Like Bruce Lee?
Raina: We thought that the “Kung Fu Dance” would fit in and it turned out that we had a dance where we had a lot of hand motions. The reason why we chose to wear Bruce Lee clothes was because he is definitely an individual you think of when you think “China.”

4. The Previous Song Was Titled “Bangkok City,” Will You Continue to Include City Names Into Titles?

Nana: It is all part of the One Asia Project!

5. We Heard That This Song Is the Part Two Song for the “One Asia Project.” Could You Explain This Project in Detail?
Raina: As part of the One Asia Project we will continue to have subjects of Asian cities. We also have part three planned so please anticipate it!

6. We Believe That Choosing Not to Wear Heels Was a Difficult Choice As a Girl Group. Does That Mean You Are Confident in Your Body Shapes? What Made You Decide to Go Heelless?

Nana: We decided to choose shoes that fit in well with our stage costumes… Body Line… We have been practicing our dance moves that feature our pretty body lines, but that practice itself also helped us get them!

7. We Know That Super Junior’s Heechul Wrote the Lyrics, Were There Any Difficulties Working with Heechul, What Was the Atmosphere Working with Him? How Do You Feel About His Entering Into Military Service?
Raina: We didn’t work with Heechul Sunbaeneem (Senior) in person. He wrote us the lyrics before he left for his military service. It is a shame we didn’t get to work with him in person, however he monitored us and put in a lot of effort so we are very grateful.

8. What Were the Reactions of Other After School Members About This Song? 

Lizzy: The other members followed along with the dance moves and the song. They said, “This is definitely Orange Caramel.” They told us that the song is good, cute, and fun.

9. What Is Your Ideal Type? What Kind of Guys Do You Like?
Nana: A guy that has a pretty smile. 
Raina: Somebody that has parts of him that are unique, a guy that has a pretty smile. 
Lizzy: A guy that is fun when I am with him? A person that can make me happy, that will connect with me. Honestly, I don’t really have an idea type. So somebody that is a good match with me, kk. 
10. Do You Have a Special Message for Soompi Members All Over the World? 
Raina: Dear Soompiers! Wherever you are or whatever you are doing, please always be happy. Please love Orange Caramel more!

11. You Have a Lot of International Fans. If You Could Pick the Next Country You Want to Perform in, What Country Would it Be?
Nana: Wherever we have a concert, I believe it is a great honor to do it overseas. We will try our best and wish to go overseas! thanks Orange Caramel for answering our questions! We are also going to have a shout out video on the way, so please look forward to it!

Credit: Soompi via AfterSchoolTh via AfterSchoolDaze

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