Saturday, 15 October 2011

15 October 2011 Orange Caramel releases a photo without Photoshop work

Photos of Orange Caramel members, which showed their actual body lines, were released, attracting people’s attention.

On one of the internet community boards on the 14th, several pictures of Orange Caramel were released with a title “Orange Caramel members’ actual body lines.”

In the pictures, Orange Caramel members are wearing outfits that remind of fairy tale princesses and performing in front of people. Especially their legs look very long even though their shoe heels are not very high.

People said, “no one can be like Orange Caramel members,” “I knew they were skinny but not this much,” “Too skinny. I don’t think this can ever be possible if not born this way,” and so on.

Meanwhile, Orange Caramel showed the first performance of their new song “Shanghai Romance” on KBS Music Bank after “Bangkok City” which was the first version of their One Asia Project. “Shanghai Romance” was composed by Jo Young Soo and written by Kim Hee Chul, emphasizing on Orange Caramel’s cute and lively character.

Source: Starnews via AfterSchoolChina

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