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2 August 2011 After School - Interview in Japan + Translation

During an interview in Japan, girl group After School spoke out on their activities in both Korea and Japan, their favorite dishes and desserts, and their impressions of Amuro Namie, among other topics.

The girls started out by introducing themselves individually in Japanese before proceeding to the actual interview portion. During the introductions, a teaser of After School’s Japanese single “Super Sexy” can be heard in the background (from 0:02 to 0:40 in the video).

When asked about their activities in Korea and Japan, leader Kahi answered that the two subgroups AS Red and AS Blue had kicked off their unit activities on July 23. However, they have not only been active in Korea; the girl group has only just begun its promotions in Japan.

On July 17, After School held their successful Japanese debut showcase, a sold-out event that saw over 200 media reporters present. Late last month, they released their Japanese “Bang!” PV, which will be followed on August 17 with their Japanese debut single of the same name.

Kahi emphasized that they will try their best to show great performances in Japanese cities Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo for the a-nation concerts. Their a-nation appearances will take place on August 13 at Port Messe Nagoya, Aichi; August 21 at Nagai Stadium, Osaka; and August 28 at Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo.

After School member U-ie responded for the group when asked what they would do during a one-month break. Apparently, all of the girls want to go to the hot springs and eat delicious food.

Upon being asked for their favorite Japanese dishes, Raina responded that she likes udon, sushi, and gyudon (beef bowls). After School’s newest addition E-Young said that her favorite phrase in Japanese is “Majissuka?”, which is “Really?” in a Japanese dialect.

The girls were then asked for what Korean dishes or desserts they would recommend to others. Jooyeon responded that Korea has a cold dessert called patbingsoo, which contains azure beans and fruits.

Nana answered the question “When you were young, what did you want to be?”, saying she had an interest in beauty products as a child, and she had wanted to be a makeup artist.

Attention then turned to Kahi, who answered “What are things you have to be careful of for the sake of beauty/health?”. She stated that the girls jogged on a running machine for an hour every day in order to keep up their physique.

Upon being asked about some recent big news about After School, Jungah stated that original After School member Bekah had graduated from the group in early July.

The group was asked for their impressions of or incidents that had occurred during their collaboration with Amuro Namie for ”Make It Happen”. Nana responded that she had been a fan of Amuro Namie since her childhood, so it was an honor to be able to meet her. She then spoke of an incident that had occurred during filming. As the girls had had to dance on top of a high stage, they were somewhat scared and couldn’t see each other’s faces during rehearsal. However, during the recording, they were able to dance energetically, knowing that their manager and staff members were watching out for them from below.

After the girls were asked to demonstrate the choreography for the “A-ha A-ha” hook in “Bang!”, Jungah spoke of an incident during the filming of the “Bang!” MV, during which the Japanese staff came to Korea to film. They had had to try their best despite weather difficulties (there had been heavy rainfall the morning of the filming), so they were grateful that the completed video had turned out well.

Video Credit: kahibabe via fyafterschool 
Translation Credit: Koreaboo via AfterSchoolDaze

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