Tuesday, 16 August 2011

16 August 2011 Raina Was Enrolled in SM Academy?

After School fans have discovered that one of their lead vocalists, Raina, is listed as a former student on the SM Academy website. SM Academy is a special academy run by SM Entertainment that offers dancing, singing, and acting lessons. Although SM Academy students can go on to become SM trainees (Girls Generation’s Taeyeon and SHINee’s Onew attended SM Academy before their debuts, as did several members of TVXQ and Super Junior), other SM Academy veterans have gone on to debut under other entertainment companies. In addition to Raina, SM lists MBLAQ’s G.O., Infinite’s Sungyeol, 4minute’s Gayoon, and Rainbow’s Hyunyoung as former students of the academy.

With this new information about Raina’s pre-debut training, fans are wondering if SM ever planned to debut her in one of their groups. At one point, Co-Ed’s Chanmi and T-ara’s Soyeon were set to debut with Girls’ Generation, and rumors have swirled about Block B’s Zico nearly debuting under SM. Although After School fans are curious if Raina was ever a part of Girls’ Generation or f(x), so far there is no evidence to point to her involvement in either group.
Sources: as-afterparty, sm-academy.com via Koreaboo 
Credit: AfterSchoolDaze

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