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12 August 2011 Kahi, Joo Yeon, Uee and Nana in Japans CUTie Magazine + Translation


Please enjoy our music as much as possible

Q. What was the hardest in “Bang!” (Singing in Japanese)
K: Words…the story is fine, but in Japanese, it’s hard to sing. The song doesn’t make sense if it’s not delivered properly.

Q. What is the secret of beauty?
K. It is important to have confidence in ourselves. In order to maintain style and good skin and a lot of exercise. Drink a lot of water and to take care of your skin sleep well and care and eat a lot but not before going to bed.

Q. What are your goals for the future?
K: On stage I want to look cool and be in the best shape and viewed as being a good group. Coming down from the stage, the fans are friendly, sweet and some are as close as friends and very honest. I want to be of a great interest in shows – - please try to enjoy.


I want to show our strength in performances

Q. What place have you visited inJapan?
J: Harajuku to buy clothes, shoes and bags.. I bought a lot of nice things

Q. Please tell of some ofSouth Korea’s attractions
J: An island in Jeju call Udo is very beautiful. All the members of After School want to go

Q. What was the hardest in “Bang!” (Singing in Japanese)
J: Learning to play Drums to match the performance for the first time [words omitted] It was hard during practice… [words omitted] members worked hard and made it possible…good memories.

Q. What are you determined to show for the Japanese debut?
J. Japans performance are more likely to be cool (sexy) rather than cute. I really want to show this side.


I want to have an international presence

Q. The drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ is very popular inJapan
U. I’m really glad. It really amazed us with the remake in Japan. The Korean dramas have been added advantage. I think… [words omitted] it’s very exciting.

Q. What can I do to be pretty?
U. Love yourself and know yourself, This is beautiful. This is sexy. Knowing that it will do. Always allow these attitudes and behavior that’s just my thoughts.

Q. What are your goals for the future?
U. After school is a South Korean girl group, but even, so in Japan we don’t want to look like foreigners [Words Omitted]We want to be the group with the capacity for the best power performances…


We want to know a lot about Japan

Q. What do you think about the image ofJapan?
N: [I think greeting is very important]. Every time we go to Japan, I Learned a lot. Most places I have not been…I’d like to see many places in Japan.

Q. [Bang] What is your favorite part?
N [Bridge part] Raina singing the part at the back very powerfully,,,it’s most thrilling and feels good.

Q. How do you spend your holidays?
N. To relieve stress some of the members and I went shopping at Dongdaemun (Korean Market) it was very fun.

Q. What are you determined to show for the Japanese debut?
N. I just wanted to show more than expected. In addition to great performances on stage [Words Omitted]

Credit + Trans: AfterSchoolDaze

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