Saturday, 12 November 2011

12 November 2011 Joo Yeon and Nana’s Messages to Fans about ‘Girls Award 2011′ Fashion Show

Joo Yeon and Nana wrote messages on their online profiles for the upcoming ‘Girls Award’ 2011 show on November 12th.

Joo Yeon’s message:


Hello Everyone! This is Joo Yeon from After School.I dreamed about appearing as a model in such a wonderful show like this from a young age. I am very happy to be able to appear at this Award show!After School’s activities as well as Model Joo, please anticipate both!頑張ります! 

Nana’s Message:

 こんなに大きなステージに呼んでくださって光栄です! ありがとうございます.。

I’m After School’s Nana
As an artist participating as a fashion model I will be serious and work diligently.
I’m honored to participate in this big stage! Thank you..
当日 皆さんと過ごせればと思います。Hope for a good time with the audience.
We will prepare a nice stage and I will do my best to show you the charm of the model Nana.
See you at the event!


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