Monday, 28 November 2011

27 November 2011 Vote for After School for the GDA “Popularity Award”!

Step 1:
- Go here.

Step 2:
- Register an account.

Step 3:
- Register using your Twitter account (well you can register using your e-mail too but Twitter’s easier)

Step 4
- Authorize KPOPWAVE to use your account (Make sure you’re already logged into your Twitter account, if not it’ll just ask you to log in and redirect you to the authorization anyway)

Step 5
- Enter your e-mail, agree to whatever those terms are and click as shown in the photo below:

Step 6
- Something will pop-up saying it’s been sent to your e-mail so click “OK” and then log into your e-mail and you’ll find an e-mail from kpopwave, click on the e-mail and click on the link attached in the e-mail like so:

It will redirect you to a page and a pop-up will appear and say that your registration has been successful.

Step 7
- Go back to the page and log-in.

Step 8
- Log-in using your Twitter account.

Step 9
- Again, make sure you’re logged into your Twitter already (or if not, it’ll redirect you to log in etc.) and authorize the KPOPWAVE app again.

Step 10
- It will redirect you back to the voting page and you should now be logged-in successfully. Scroll down to #14 (position at time of this post was made) 애프터스쿨 - Shampoo / Virgin, click on “Shampoo / Virgin” and it should expand and reveal this:

Click on the grey button to vote and you’re done! I believe you can only vote once, so if you wanna vote more times you can register using your e-mail/Facebook/me2day or your other Twitter accounts if you have one. B)

Via fyafterschool

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