Wednesday, 2 November 2011

2 November 2011 Netizens React to Kahi’s Pre-Debut Picture from Her Dancer Days

Today a pre-debut picture of Kahi during her days as a backup dancer was uploaded to online community boards. Due to her idol status the picture gained popularity and received attention from netizens.

In the picture above Kahi has an eye-catching appearance due to her short hair style, makeup and sexy ‘hot pants’.

During a guest appearance on ‘Star Golden Bell’ in 2009 after she was asked a question about her pre-debut days Kahi responded, “I want to hide the past…” Luckily if Kahi was nervous about reactions toward her past appearance, netizens are able to see her beautiful and quiet charisma which are evident in the picture. Netizens also took note that her tall slender body and sleek jaw line is still the same.

Though pre-debut pictures of Kahi were already available online some fans were still surprised when they saw her different image. After seeing this picture comments in online communities included, “Whats changed?“, ““I almost did not recognize“ and “…Older and still beautiful“ among other reactions.

Because of Kahi’s past experience as a backup dancer and being in a girl group prior to After School she was able to because a great group leader. After Orange Caramel’s promotions for “Shanghai Romance” conclude After School will head to Japan and follow up with the success of “Bang!” by promoting the Japanese version of “Diva” being released November 23rd.

Credit: Rs + Et + ss + I365 & Trans: AfterSchoolDaze

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