Friday, 18 November 2011

18 November 2011 After School and Son Dambi for ‘Happy Pledis 2011′ – A Family Album

After School will continue spreading their annual holiday cheer after participating in last year’s “2010 HAPPY PLEDIS” album. Following the popularity of that album there will now be a Pledis family album. This will be After School’s second collaboration with Son Dambi after the 2009 release of the song “Amoled“.

Another reason why this album is receiving so much attention is due to curiosity about the yet to debut ‘Pledis Boys’ who will be featured in the album. Fans are now able to see the boy group consists of seven members but other than that details about the group is shrouded in secrecy.

Pledis’ artists ability to participate in the creation process has been amplified with this album and because of this expectations about the future direction of After School’s activities has been given a lot of attention.

This album has been described as one that will warm hearts. This is already exemplified by the fast that some of the albums proceeds will be donated to UNICEF.

Expected Release Date: 12.1.11

*Pledis is still discussing whether to promote Happy Pledis2011 because both After School and Son Dambi have tight schedules via ASchoolBlaze
Credit: Newsen
Trans: AfterSchoolDaze

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