Wednesday, 16 November 2011

16 November 2011 Lizzy's Cafe Message

Hi everyone, I'm After School maknae Lizzy, I'm same age with maknae but not the maknae, I'm the second maknae Lizzy kekekeke

ke Carrying my tired body sitting in front of the computer, I wanna greet everyone today, so I'm here typing typing typing typing a few words...

T_T Now what if we have gone to Japan... Even if this happens you will also wait for us right?? If you don't wait for us.. Not allowed... Switch here and switch there, not allowed~

If this happens, Soonduk will cry heukheukheukheukheukheukheuk

Ah I'm sleepy... For tomorrow's Park Beagle Park Lizzy is now going to take a ride on power rocket to the starry kingdom and sleep

It's not heaven, it's starry kingdom

I'm sorry, during this night time.. Really.. Why I'm acting like this again T_T

For tomorrow.. If you are waiting, we'll be rolling back like a steel ring kekekeke I believe those who watched Weekly Idol will know this

It's about time for Lizzy bye bye bye AingCheoingOingWooingEuing Euheheheheng

Ah I miss Soonduk, Ah Playgirlz I love you!

Lizzy who is full of energy is now really going to say bye

Ah too bad, Ah but, really... Ah.. I'm going to sleep now bye bye

Credit: AfterSchoolChina 

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