Monday, 14 November 2011

14 November 2011 After School’s Website Displays Two New ‘Enrollees’ Ahead of Schedule?

Earlier today a picture that was uploaded through the internet is gaining a lot of interest

because the picture consists After School’s “Profile I.Ds.” with all of it’s current members and ‘graduated’ members.

What caught fans attention is that there are two additional I.D. Folders with the words “Express Top Secret After School New Students SOON!”

After seeing this fan excitedly left comments like: “The new Students must be Ara and Yoonjo” “I actually see this coming with bekah’s graduation and all”,“hey the more the merrier right?”, “no more for now please? E-young isn’t even known yet” and “as an After School (Fan)(Playgirlz) I’ll support them no matter what”

Fans have already been exposed to potential After School members because the “Pre-School Girls” Yoonjoo, Kyumin and Ara had photos released of them to the public late last year. After School currently consists of Kahi(Leader) Jung-A Juyeon U-ie Raina Nana Lizzy and E-Young(Maknae) with 2 Graduates: So Young and Bekah

*NOTE: that this is just a RUMOR and there are no other confirmation from either pledis or the AS Girls so let’s wait and see but knowing AS Core Concept this may be true

UPDATE:”according to a fan. the picture was from (AS official korean website) it was the new splash page of the site when the fan visited the site instead of the regular splash page which is the AS RED and AS BLUE. the fan immediately saved the pic to share to others and clicked the picture to go to the main AS site but whe the fan clicked it it redirected to the OLD Splash page (AS Blue and Red one) and the “Top Secret 2 new Students Splash page was gone”. It may be a technical error from the site. causing the picture to be revealed on earlier than the planned schedule of it’s release date.

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