Friday, 11 November 2011

11 November 2011 Orange Caramel Reveals Hopeful Weight, Vacation and Future Job Aspirations on ‘Idol Weekly’

Orange Caramel recently made a lively guest appearance on ‘Idol Weekly’. There time on the show was filled with many fun moments along with a few sweet parts.

Raina was given a thoughtful question when she was asked “One weeks time, where would you want to go?“. After no hesitation Raina answered the question and replied, “…I would want to meet with my mom and dad” since she hasn’t seen them in awhile. As she said this tears started to form showing her emotions.

Although Nana is known and envied for her ‘Doll Body’ she surprisingly revealed she wants to gain weight. But, due to her hectic schedule she is “too busy to eat well“. Nana is currently 48kg but didn’t mention how much weight she hopes to gain.

As always Lizzy was full of charm and had a lot of energy. She joked with MC Jung Hyung Don about her hopeful future as an MC and cutely told him, “I’m gonna be an MC like you! Please wait!” Lizzy will get a chance to show off her MC skills as she participates in a phone call during Orange Caramel’s segment.

Viewers will be able to enjoy Orange Caramel’s interactions with the Show’s MC’s and laugh along at their playful antics. The full episode featuring Orange Caramel will air on November 12th at 2:00 PM on MBC.

Credit: Chosun + Paran & Trans: AfterSchoolDaze 

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