Friday, 11 November 2011

11 November 2011 Allkpop x Orange Caramel giveaway winners!

Last week, allkpop set up a giveaway for signed copies of Orange Caramel‘s latest single, “Shanghai Romance“. Nana, Lizzy, and Raina asked us to hold a fun giveaway (complete with sugary-sweet puns and all) to help them find out how beloved they are with K-Pop fans worldwide.

The giveaway had readers tell us which ‘triplet’ was your favorite and why, and we’ve pinned down the best answers for each member.

The winners are…



"My favorite member is Raina. I think she’s adorable and has a very unique, yet distinct voice.

In my opinion, her appearance fits the “Orange Caramel” concept the
best. Her chubby cheeks and big circular eyes naturally add to her
profound beauty. These characteristics really make her stand out. I love how she’s always smiling brightly and can be the cutest little thing without even trying! She may seem like a soft/shy person at first but she has unexpectedly POWERFUL vocals! My attention is always stolen by her cute charms. :)

Nevertheless, I can’t wait to hear more from Orange Caramel! The first MV I saw from them was “Magic Girl,” but I was even more impressed with “Shanghai Romance!” These 3 girls are really talented and they can definitely pull off various styles together~



OMG! * _ *
Album of Orange Caramel!
my favorite is Lizzy, she is pretty sweet and nice.
I’ve known through television programs Koreans!
and so I saw that it is very nice and happy ^ ^
really hard to choose though, I really like the whole group!
All three are fantastic, talented!
they are all beautiful and funny! I’m happy to be a fan, I feel happy and carefree when listening!
Orange Caramel fighting!”



My favorite member among Orange Caramel is Nana. She’s my inspiration to be strong and to study hard. I’ve been a fan of Nana ever since they released bang. I thought she’s cold because of her looks, but she’s not.

My mom don’t even allow me to buy any of their album because it’s too expensive and my mom told me that it’s not important. I know i cannot win this contest because everyone deserves this. But sadly I really want to get that album, even though my mom would get mad at me and would think that I bought it with my own money. I will seriously take care of it.

And one more thing that makes Nana so special to me it’s because she’s so down to earth, very pretty and I know she’s kind. To all artist I’ve liked she’s the girl I always brag to my friends, on how awesome and cute she is. And how she changed my life.“

Congratulations! Quite sad 'coz I lost T.T

Credit: Allkpop 

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