Friday, 11 November 2011

11 November 2011 After School Sits Down with ‘Asian of the Month – True music Channel, Thailand’

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All: สวัสดีค่ะ (Hello in Thai language) we are After School
Kahi : Hello, I’m After School’s leader, Kahi. Nice to meet you.
Uee: Hello, I’m After School’s Uee. Nice to meet you.
Joo Yeon: Hello, I’m Joo Yeon. Nice to meet you.
Jung Ah: Hello, I’m Jung Ah. Nice to meet you.
Eyoung: Hello, Nice to meet you. I’m the youngest, Eyoung.
Raina: Hello, I’m Raina. Nice to meet you.
Lizzy: Hello, I’m Lizzy. Nice to meet you.
Nana: Hello, I’m After School’s Nana.

Credit: AfterSchoolTh & Trans: csame via AfterSchoolDaze

Q: Let’s talk about how it is different between Bang Korea ver. And Bang Japan ver.?

Kahi: Bang’s concept isn’t much different between Korea ver. and Japan ver. But Japan ver. is more vivid and gentle than Korea ver. However there still keep After School’s charm. Don’t forget to attend other Bang which is cool too.

Q: We have seen drumming in Bang and Let’s do it ‘s single, How long did you prepare and practice it?

Eyoung: We, After School, have prepared and practiced it for 8 months. I think After School’s Drum performing is full of our good concept and charm.

Q: How do you feel that your single has been on sale in Thailand?

Jung Ah: We miss Thai fan very much and We are so happy that we have chance to release our album in Thai. In the future, We hope that After School will be given chance to perform concert or other show frequently in Thai.
all: Meet us, After School through Asian of the month all this month.

Q: How do you feel about debuting and have your own performing in Japan?

Uee: We, After School, are so happy because we have a performing in Japan as we have expected and we hope we would go to perform in other countries too.

Q: Will Thai fan have a chance to watch your performing in Thai soon?

Lizzy: Haven’t had it yet. But if everyone demands, we will go for. Moreover now we have plan about Asia tour too.

Q: Do you have a problem about communication in Debuting in Japan? And Who is the best in speaking Japanese?

Joo Yeon: All of members have intended to study Japanese, personally I think Kahi and Eyoung are the best in Japanese.

Q: After School is so outstanding in dancing, How can you dance precisely and completely?

Raina: for that, Every times after performing or event we will go to meet and practice together. All members didn’t think frequent practices are tired, We all attempt and diligent much in practicing that make me glad. So I think it is After School’s uniqueness.

Q: All of After School’s members have a perfect body shape, What is your trick to treat your body shape?

Nana: We have dance rehearsal instead of exercise because we do it frequently. Otherwise each member likes to exercise and we also control whatever we eat.

Q: Lots of Thai fan love After School, Do you have something to tell your Thai fan?

Kahi: Hello Thai fan! We, After School, miss and want to meet Thai fan very much. We hope to have a chance to go for everyone soon to repay your love. We all intend and be diligent in it very much.

Q: Now Thailand has flooding problem, Leave something for Thai people.

Kahi: We have heard that Thailand has flooding problem. Hopefully everyone will be safe and have a better situation soon.

All: We are After School!! Thank you.

Credit: AfterSchoolTh & Trans: csame via AfterSchoolDaze

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