Thursday, 10 November 2011

10 November 2011 After School Hit with Plagiarism Accusations

After School’s upcoming promotions for the Japanese version of “Diva” has been hit by a bit of controversy.

Last month the music video for After School’s second Japanese single “Diva” was released. The single will officially be released in Japan on November 23rd. But, once After School’s official Japanese website was updated with the album jacket photos accusations in reference to plagiarism arose concerning the groups outfits. Past criticism about their outfits arose from netizens personal opinions who felt the clothing was too revealing and sexy. Now the accusations have taken a more serious turn due to the plagiarism charges.

In the jacket photos the members of After School who all have enviable legs to match their perfect figures can be seen wearing tight shiny black shirts over short pink tutus with thin black cloth draping over their legs. After netizens found pictures of a model from Denmark wearing a striking similar outfit to After School’s outfit plagiarism accusations arose. The only difference they could find was between the style and color of shoes worn in the two photographs. Also because the picture of the model was taken last year netizens feel they have solid proof against After School.

A representative of After School from Japan spoke out against these accusations by stating, “There’s nothing to check…” and dismissed netizens claims for an investigation. Last year After School was previously hit with plagiarism charges when their stage outfits for “Bang!” were compared to Italian singer Alex Guadino’s styling in his music video for the song “Destination Calabria“.

After School has always been forthcoming by revealing they gain inspiration for their concepts from various places. Kahi revealed she was inspired by the American movie ‘Drumline’ while coming up with After School’s “Bang!” concept. Because of this there is no doubt that After School’s representatives from Japan could have been motivated by the styling of the model from Denmark’s pictorial. Also, fans of After School have already been circulating pictures of the model online for weeks before this “controversy” started after they noticed the similarity with overly positive feedback.

Though the styles are undeniably similar there is no doubt that After School brings an entirely different charm to their photo which sets them apart from the model. After comparing the two pictures netizens should realize that positive inspiration was drawn from the Denmark model and hopefully the stylist sees this as admiration for their work.

By working hard to show a good side of themselves After School has steadily gained fans in Japan. On November 12th they will perform at the “2011 Girls’ Award” show in Tokyo, Japan.


Sources from Pledis Entertainment spoke with TVReport on November 9th and stated, “We are carefully inspecting this matter from the Japanese side. We did not directly produce the outfits for the Japanese album jacket photo so we need further investigation. This concept was decided upon much thinking and contemplation so it is very unfortunate that it is being accused of plagiarism.”
Article: Segye via KahiASfacts + Trans: AfterSchoolDaze + Pledis Quote: Soompi via AfterSchoolDaze

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